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UK Corporation Tax and Tax Rates Guide

1. What is a corporation tax?
In the UK , corporation tax is the amount of income... [more]

2. What does company mean with regard to the corporation tax?
The word company does not just apply to an individual business... [more]

3. Who pays corporation tax in the UK?
Any company that has its base of operations in the UK... [more]

4. What are taxable profits?
Taxable profits are the amounts of money that your company makes... [more]

5. What tax reliefs apply to taxable profits?
Some companies may qualify for different reliefs to... [more]

6. What is the corporation tax on capital gains?
Companies have to pay corporation tax on their... [more]

7. How can losses affect the corporation tax?
Losses that a company sustains can be used... [more]

8. How does the corporation tax apply to groups?
Group relief allows for trading losses, losses... [more]

9. How do companies figure out how much corporation tax they have to pay?
In order to determine the amount of corporation tax companies... [more]

10. How much is the corporation tax rate?
The corporation tax at present... [more]

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