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UK Personal Income Tax Guide

1. Can you explain income tax in simple terms?
Income tax is the amount of money that you have to pay... [more]

2. How does the government calculate income tax?
Calculating income tax involves five basic steps... [more]

3. What income is exempt from tax?
Some examples of income on which you do not have to pay... [more]

4. What are tax allowances?
Everyone is entitled to a basic tax allowance in the UK... [more]

5. Is it necessary to file an income tax return?
If your employer deducts taxes from your wages and this is your... [more]

6. What about income that I have already paid the taxes on?
When you are calculating the amount of tax that you owe... [more]

7. What are National Insurance contributions?
National Insurance Contributions go towards paying for your health care... [more]

8. How long does one need to keep tax records?
You should keep all records related to your earnings... [more]

9. How is Inland Revenue tax collected?
There are several ways that Inland Revenue tax is collected... [more]

10. Do seniors over the age of 65 have to pay taxes?
You do have to pay tax on your income when you reach the age of 65... [more]