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UK Self Assessment Questions:

1. Does everyone have to complete a self-assessment form?
Everyone that receives a self-assessment package... [more]

2. Even if I have a small income, do I have to file a tax return?
If you have income that has not been taxed, then... [more]

3. Does self-assessment mean I have to work out how much tax to pay?
No this is not what it means. On the self-assessment... [more]

4. Whats the deadline for submitting a return?
The deadline is January 31 of the year following the tax year... [more]

5. Is there a penalty for late filing?
If you do not file your tax form on time, you will be... [more]

6. Is there a window for getting the returns in a few days late?
Your return is due on January 31, but if it arrives... [more]

7. What about the late filing was not my fault?
If you can prove that the late date at which your... [more]

8. Will I receive a higher penalty than the taxes I owe?
The fines imposed for late filing are not supposed... [more]

9. Can I pay the tax before I submit my return?
If you feel that you may not get your return in on... [more]

10. How can I pay my taxes all at once?
You can pay your taxes as a lump sum payment... [more]

11. Do I still have to pay by January 31, if my return is not due until March?
If you do not have any untaxed income or if Inland Revenue... [more]

12. What are payments on account?
These are payments that you can make in advance... [more]

13. How does Inland Revenue calculate payments on account?
Inland Revenue takes the amount of taxes that... [more]

14. Will I have to pay interest if the payments so not cover my taxes?
If the payments on account are not enough... [more]

15. Can I estimate what my tax could be for the next year?
There is a place on the form where you can... [more]

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