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UK Child Tax Credit

Here is a list of questions and answers in relation to Child Tax and Child Tax Credits (Child Tax benefits). Please submit questions on this subject and check back for more questions and answers soon. If you know answers to some of these questions we would love to hear from you, just contact us!

1. What is the Child Tax Credit?
The Child Tax credit is an allowance... [more]

2. Who is eligible to receive this credit?
Parents or guardians with a combine family... [more]

3. How much money is paid under the Child Tax Credit?
Refer to the following table to get... [more]

4. Who pays the Child Tax Credit?
Although the Inland Revenue processes this... [more]

5. What is the Working Tax Credit?
This is an allowance available for those... [more]

6. How does the Child Tax Credit compare with the Working Tax Credit?
The threshold for claiming the Child tax Credit is a lot higher than that of the Working Tax Credit... [more]

7. What if my circumstances change?
Any change of circumstances with relation to the Child Tax Credit... [more]

8. Who is entitled to receive the Child Tax Credit?
Any person who is responsible for the care of a child under the age of 16 is entitled... [more]

9. What is the renewals process for claiming Child Tax Credit?
Once you have received Child Tax Credit, you will automatically... [more]

10. What happens if I submit the claim later than September 30?
If you submit the claim later than September 30, you will be liable for a late penalty... [more]

11. What income is included for the Child Tax Credit?
The income that is considered in relation to the Child... [more]

12. What are the maximum amounts payable under the Child Tax Credit?
See the following chart to find out the maximum annual amounts... [more]

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