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Do you need information about filing income tax returns in the UK? Well you have come to the right place. Our aim is to provide you with comprehensive information to help you file your tax forms as quickly and easily as possible. You can find answers to commonly asked questions, information about personal tax and self-assessment, PAYE, what the various tax terms mean and more.

1. FAQ about UK Personal Income Tax.
All your tax questions answered in terms you can easily understand. Learn about the inheritance tax, stamp duty, offshore taxes and more. Use these answers to help you when filling out your personal income tax form. [more]

2. PAYE system - Pay as Your Earn.
Learn how you can pay your taxes as you earn money and not have to pay a boodle of money at the end of the year. [more]

3. Due Dates For Filing Taxes.
Consult the table to see when you have to file specific tax forms. [more]

4. Income Exempt From Taxes.
Learn the difference between income that is exempt from tax and income that is free of tax, but not exempt [more]

5. UK Corporation Tax and Tax Rates.
How to file income tax forms for a company, what are considered profits and what are considered capital gains is discussed in this section. [more]

6. What is VAT?
Find more about VAT (Value Added Tax). VAT Guide... [more]

7. Tax for Non-UK Residents
The laws for those not living in the UK but still have an income in the UK are a bit complicated. We will explain the laws to make things easier for you. [more]

8. Child Tax Credits.
What is the difference between a child tax credit and a working tax credit? [more]

9. UK Inheritance Tax.
In some cases, this tax may be waived. Find out if you qualify. [more]

10. Changes to UK taxes based on the 2005 budget
The March 2005 budget brought changes to certain taxes, such as the Stamp Duty, Inheritance tax and others. Learn how these changes can affect your income tax. [more]

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