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UK PAYE Tax Guide

Most of the employees in the United Kingdom are under the PAYE system when it comes to paying taxes. This page is designed to help you understand this system and how you pay taxes in this way. Some of the frequently asked questions about this system are:

1) What does PAYE mean?
PAYE is an acronym for Pay As You Earn. This... [more]

2) What does this mean for me with regard to filing income tax?
When it comes time to file your annual income tax return... [more]

3) How much tax do I have to pay on the money I earn?
The tax rates are usually set when the government... [more]

4) Why do I need a National Insurance number in order to be part of PAYE?
Your National Insurance number is essentially... [more]

5) Are the allowances that I might qualify for to reduce the amount of tax I have to pay?
Everyone is entitled to a basic personal allowance... [more]