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The VAT is an acronym for Value Added Tax. It is a sales tax that is added to goods and services in the UK. When you sell something, you are responsible for collecting the tax and sending it in to the government.

1. What is the percentage charged with the VAT?
The current percentage charged... [more]

2. Are there any goods with a reduced VAT?
There are some goods that carry... [more]

3. Are there any goods and services that are exempt from VAT?
The items that are exempt from... [more]

4. How is VAT calculated?
The percentage of 17.5% or... [more]

5. Do all businesses have to charge VAT?
No. Any business that has less... [more]

6. Who pays the VAT to the government?
Consumers pay the VAT... [more]

7. What about the Tax businesses pay for their supplies?
Businesses also pay the VAT when... [more]

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